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Dec 15 2009 - MADESTRO Solutions is working with parters to expand its Technology Lab. This will allow to enhance and offer greater Cloud Computing Services.
Dec 09 2009 - MADESTRO is working with International Business Partners to help Canadian companies expand in South America
Is your technology company looking for partnerships to derisk your Software Engineering projects ?

Is your ITC organization looking to save up to 30% in Quality Assurance costs ?
MaDesTro Solutions Inc. is a solution provider firm specializing in developing and integrating ITC based services and strategies for the private small and medium businesses and small IT organizations.

MaDesTro has developed advanced "ISO Ready" processes that optimizes Software Engineering and Quality Assurance activities.

By understanding of business requirements combined with the expertise of a number of platforms, network technologies and software, MaDesTro Solutions is a solid partner to provide efficient solutions to meet client needs.

MaDesTro also uses cloud computing technologies through its Technology Collaboration Program.
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